Measuring Molded Plastic Parts

Molded Plastic Parts

Molded Plastic Parts

HunterLab has instrument and sample handling devices to meet almost any customer needs. One such need that we are able to meet is the measurement of molded plastic parts, such as the one pictured above. These plastic parts are actually covers for a stud finder tool. The nature of these parts presents a few difficulties for color measurement. Continue reading

Changing the standardization interval on a MSEZ

Often times it can be helpful to change the standardization interval on instruments to correspond with shift changes or other events that might be more convenient. When the instrument reaches the end of this standardization interval it will prompt the user to re-standardize the instrument before moving forward with measurements. Continue reading

Directional Instruments

HunterLab Directional Instruments

HunterLab Directional Instruments


HunterLab manufactures bench top instruments with two different geometry types: directional 45/0 (or 0/45) and diffuse sphere instruments, as discussed in a previous blog note. A 45/0 directional instrument illuminates the sample at a 45˚ angle from the sample surface and the detector is located 0˚ in line perpendicular to the sample surface. The inverse, 0˚ illumination and detection at 45˚, can also be used and yields equivalent measurements. The MiniScan EZ and ColorFlex EZ instruments are 45/0 instruments and the LabScan XE is a 0/45 instrument. Continue reading

How do I read Opacity on my MiniScan EZ (or ColorFlex EZ) instrument?

FAQ: “How do I read Opacity on my MiniScan EZ (or ColorFlex EZ) instrument?”

To measure opacity you will first need to navigate to the product set up you wish to configure. Once in the product set up you will need to make sure that the standard is set to WORKING. Then navigate to the View you would like to configure. One in the view you will need to set your desired Display, Ill/Obs, and Color Scale. In the Color Index field use the left and right arrows to navigate to the OP (opacity) index.

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How do I lock the Product Setups on MiniScan EZ (or ColorFlex EZ)?

FAQ: “Is there any way to lock the Product Setups on my MiniScan EZ (or ColorFlex EZ) instrument?”

Setups can be locked by navigating to Global Options from the main menu. In the Global Options menu you should see a Setups Locked field. Scroll down to the Setups Locked field and use the right arrow to select YES. Continue reading

How do I measure the color of semi-solid materials?

One thing to keep in mind when measuring creams, gels, pastes, and other semi-solid materials is to maintain a consistent sample thickness. One option is to “sandwich” a fixed quanity of your semi-solid material in a suitable clear-bottomed container, so that it can be placed at the port for measurement. Continue reading

What Fuse Protection is in place with HunterLab Instruments?

UltraScan VIS 3 amp fuse showing unbroken

UltraScan VIS 3 amp fuse

Fuse location beside power cord

Fuse location beside power cord

All HunterLab instruments have fuses built into the main circuitry to protect the instrument against unusual and unexpected changes in voltage that could damage the electrical components.

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Can Power Supplies in HunterLab Instruments be used everywhere?

ColorFlex EZ AC Adaptor and Universal 120/220 Volt Power SupplyFAQ: “We need to take our LabScan XE instrument to Germany for some plant trial testing.  Our machine is a US spectrophotometer 110v unit and, obviously, the power supply in Germany is 220v. The label on the back of the instrument says ‘110v-220v’, which sounds a little ambiguous to me.  Do we need a voltage transformer or can we get away with only using a plug adapter (does not step down current from 220v, only changes plug shape)?  We don’t want to ruin our baby!” Continue reading