application notes

AN 1001 Measuring the Water Whiteness of Liquids using the APHA Scale

AN 1002 CIE Standard Observers and calculation of X, Y, Z color values

AN 1003 Color Measurement of Very Small Samples

AN 1004 Measuring Degree of Yellowness with Gardner Index

AN 1005 Measuring Color using Hunter L, a, b versus CIELAB

AN 1007.01 Measuring the Geometric Attributes of Your Products

AN 1009 Selecting Whiteness and Yellowness Indices to Measure Samples

AN 1013 Averaging in Color Measurement

AN 1014 Processed Tomato Scores

AN 1016 Hunter Rd, a, b Color Scale – History and Application

AN 1018 Using Hitch Standardization on a Series of Color Measuring Instruments

AN 1029 Using the SpectraTrend HT for the On-Line Measurement of Edible Nuts

AN 1030 Hot Liquid Samples

AN 1031 Identification of Measurement Parameters

AN 1032 Validation of EP European Phamacopoeia Color

AN 1033 Color versus Appearance

AN 1034 Textile Sample Presentation

AN 1035 ASTM Industrial Methods for Color Measurement

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