ColorFlex EZ Coffee Meter

ColorFlex EZ Coffee Meter

ColorFlex EZ Coffee Meter

Recently HunterLab developed the ColorFlex EZ Coffee meter. The color of coffee is important because it is predominantly used to assess the degree of roasting. The CFEZ Coffee is specially designed to measure the color of roasted coffee grounds, freeze-dried coffee, and instant powders.

Specialty scales have been added to the CFEZ to help easily determine the quality of the coffee being measured. These scales include the HunterLab Coffee Color Index (HCCI), SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) Number, and SCAA Roast Classification. The CFEZ Coffee also now comes with a PQ (performance qualification) coffee tile. This tile allows the user to check the CFEZ Coffee instrument to ensure that it is reading color as expected.

The CFEZ Coffee has been designed to consistently measure lot to lot differences to improve upon consistency and batch to batch production quality. By using the CFEZ Coffee it will be easy for to define the degree of roasting. The CFEZ Coffee gives users a quick and easy way to quantitatively determine the quality of their coffee.

You can find more information for the CFEZ Coffee at the product page on our website.

Measuring Citrus Juices

Measuring CitrusColor is often used as an indication of quality and freshness for food products; this especially applies to orange juice where a red-orange color is preferred. The HunterLab ColorFlex EZ instrument is widely used in the citrus industry to objectively measure the color of juices.

Originally citrus juice manufactures used subjective methods for evaluating sample color. They would perform visual comparisons of orange juice in a standard glass tube to a set of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) plastic comparators also in glass tubes. The results of this method were often inconsistent and unreliable. Continue reading

How can I upgrade EasyMatch QC-ER software on a new computer?

EasyMatch QC-ER is a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant version of HunterLab’s EasyMatch QC software for electronic records. Often when a company upgrades to a new operating system, they will also install a new computer. Here is how to successfully upgrade to a new version of EasyMatch QC-ER on a new computer. Continue reading

Measuring Differences in Appearance

11-02-01 01 PAR5843 Red carpets misalligned alligned - same color, different appearance - very apparent

Do you see a difference in the two carpet samples above? The one on the left appears to be a darker pink while the one on the right seems lighter. These two pieces of carpet appear to be visually different. Would you believe that those two samples are exactly the same carpet, just viewed at a different angle?

How do you quantify the color difference between the samples at different viewing angles?  Appearance includes both the color of the object and the geometric light interaction of the sample.

These carpet samples were measured on the HunterLab LabScan XE, UltraScan PRO, and SpectraTrend HT instruments. Samples were measured at zero and one hundred eighty degrees to determine if the instrument could measure the appearance of the samples.

The LabScan XE and the UltraScan PRO were only able to discern small color differences between the two orientations of the sample. To obtain an accurate and repeatable measurement method for the carpet samples on the bench instruments the carpet had to be compressed thus eliminating the appearance difference.

The SpectraTrend HT instrument was able to discern large visual differences between the two sample orientations and was able to obtain a repeatable measurement method without having to compress the carpet fibers. This allowed the instrument to accurately measure the difference in appearance between the two sample orientations. The HunterLab SpectraTrend HT instrument works well for measuring difference in appearance of these carpet samples.