Use of the Retroviewer to align small samples

User of retroviewer to directly view sample at port.

The retroviewer allows you to directly view the sample at the port. You see what the instrument sees.

The retroviewer feature on the UltraScan PRO and UltraScan VIS allows direct viewing of the sample at the port through the same lens used to make color measurements. This feature is also on some LabScan XE and ColorQuest XE models. This feature is particularly useful for aligning the sample if it barely covers the viewing port of the instrument. Continue reading

What are the Flow Cell Options for Transparent Liquids?

Flow Cell Diagram combo

HunterLab D04-1015-423 flow cell with 7 mm ID/9 mm OD inlet ports, centered in D02-1009-960 Flow Through Cell Holder

A flow through cell can be a handy solution for continuous sampling and ease of measurement with a transparent, liquid product. Continue reading