Unable to Standardize Instrument

The standardize button in the EasyMatch QC tool bar is grayed out and I cannot standardize my instrument.

EasyMatch QC Tool Bar

EasyMatch QC Tool Bar

This problem usually occurs when communication has been interrupted with the active instrument. First check and make sure that all cables are connected to both the instrument and computer and that the instrument is powered on.

Go to Sensor/Install/Configure in the EasyMatch QC software. In the Sensor Manager window you should see your instrument listed on the left hand side under Sensor Name; the instrument will be listed with its serial number.

On the right hand side of this window you will have a Connect button. Click the Connect button to restore communication with your instrument. Once communication has been restored make sure that the “Reconnect sensor at startup” option has been selected.

Click OK to save changes.

How do I average multiple readings?

How do I setup the EasyMatch QC software to average multiple readings?

The EasyMatch QC software has an option to average multiple readings and report the average as a single measurement. To use this feature it first must be configured. To do this, go to Options/Average Method. This will open the Average Method window, as shown below.

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What mode am I in and how do I change modes?

How do I know what mode my sensor is currently standardized in and how can I change modes?

The easiest way to tell what mode the instrument is using in the EasyMatch QC software is to locate the status bar in EasyMatch QC. The status bar is located at the very bottom of the software indicated in red in the picture below. This provides information about the sensor in the current mode, and when the standardization for that mode expires.

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Do you have a source for a Sample Conditioning Cabinet for Heat and Humidity?

FAQ: “… I just need to find a way to better condition the samples for consistency. I  can get some pretty consistent results on my own, but once it’s in a general QC lab, it’s going to need some standardization.”

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Source for ASTM D1003 Transparent Plastic Haze Standards from HunterLab

You can order single Haze standards or the full set of 5 haze standards through HunterLab for use with any of our sphere instruments – ColorQuest XE, UltraScan PRO and UltraScan VIS. These solid, transparent plastic plaques (calibrated or uncalibrated) can be effective in monitoring instrument performance in measuring wide angle scattering over time.   Continue reading