How can I change the Green Tile Values in EasyMatch QC?

My green tile values are not correct in the EasyMatch QC software. How can I change them?

To edit the existing green tile values for your instrument in EasyMatch QC go to Sensor/ Diagnostics/ Green Tile Test. An EasyMatch QC window will open that prompts you to install the standard port plate. (The standard port plate is the one with the largest area view possible for your instrument.)

This window has three buttons: Revise Green Tile Values, OK, and Cancel. Click the Revise Green Tile Values button to change the values of the green tile. A new window will open that has the Previous Values and below that has space for you to Enter Values. Click in the empty box to enter values. Once you have entered the revised values click OK to save changes.

You will be brought back to the previous EasyMatch QC window. From here click OK to continue on with the Green Tile Diagnostics Test.

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